: Hood Ornament

01-23-06, 07:51 AM
I've got a 79 couple deville. The Hoor ornament is the crest only. I would like to get one that has the 'wings' also. Like this one....http://www.lakeshorewheelandtire.com/wheels/ornament.JPG

Does anyone know what year caddy with the 'winged' ornament will fit on a 79 couple deville?


01-23-06, 07:52 AM
Sorry for the double post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-23-06, 12:50 PM
Don't sweat the double post, the mod for this section will remove it shortly.

As far as the hood ornament, look for a Fleetwood in your bodystyle. It will have the wreath around the emblem.

01-24-06, 05:06 AM
Great thanks! I'll be checikng out Ebay.

Does anyone know if it has to be a 79 Fleetwood? Or will other years work?


Night Wolf
01-24-06, 07:19 AM
wings...ahhhh its the wreath! :)

My '79 had the crest only also.

All '77-'92 hood ornaments are interchangeable.

I bought a really nice NOS 80's Brougham hood ornament for like $25 off ebay. Its perfect, put it on... world of a difference :)

01-24-06, 07:48 AM
Sweet! I'll check out Ebay. I dig the wreath a lot!

Thanks guys!


01-24-06, 10:27 AM
Hi MM,

I did just the opposite of what you did - - the previous owner of my '79 deVille had fitted the wreath "winged" ornament and I wanted it to look original so I bought the plain ornament on eBay. Everyone has a different idea of what they want their car to look like.


Night Wolf
01-24-06, 11:50 AM
This was the origanal hood ornament.... and how the engine looked when I got the car :)


This is the new one I bought, and the engine now... well, its even better now with the modied 472 intake, painted intake manifold and valve covers and rebuilt carb :)


I just enjoy it alot more.. the crest on the origanal was too big, and plain without the wreath. It looks better from the outside and inside...

Remember, 1979 Fleetwood had the wreath as well :) My car has quite a bit 1979 Fleetwood and 1985/1987 Brougham parts in it now :)

01-24-06, 03:11 PM

It's fun to make your car just the way you like it. I have a Fleetwood Coupe on which I'm happy to have wreaths and crests. My deVille has the classic old school "V" and the regular crest and they don't make them like that any more and I love it! By the way, I don't care much for the current wreath and crest on the new models. I wish Cad would change it back.

Here are some pictures of my standard hood oramented deVille taken on Saturday after it was washed.


Night Wolf
01-24-06, 03:57 PM
Another yellow '79! :)

Yours looks more yellow then mine... so I'll say it is Colonial yellow?

in fact mine isn't yellow at all, it is Laramie Beige... looks yellow though...

not bad, we have twins :)

This is an older picture, I added a 2nd pin stripe, but can't find the memory card with those pics....