: Headliner

01-22-06, 10:06 PM
So I need a new headliner, and I was thinking that I wanted to put an impression of the Cadillac emblem in the ceiling. What do you guys think? And no..... mommy and daddy are not helping me at all on anything its all just me an my caddy!!

01-22-06, 11:23 PM
anything is possible but in my opinon I wouldnt. It can take away from the factory look to much plus the cost it too much since the foam board that you currently own shouldnt be able to withstand it.

But then again who am I to say keep it factory when I added a roof mounted TV. I can say this you have to keep a theme going and stick to that one theme all the way threw. Nothing worse then a caddy with Ricer crap added on to it

01-23-06, 09:06 AM
I was thinking of doing the same thing!