: 89' Brougham

01-22-06, 06:46 PM
Hi Guys,
Been going over my "new" sweet brougham and a few items. Seems I have a
slow working emergency brake vacuum thing, doesn't always draw the mechanism back up to to engage the pedal . Can push it down manually so
it engages but won't use it much anyway. My problem is I want everything
perfect. Both backup lights burned out, what would cause that? Maybe when a replacement battery put in? Maybe just old age. And of course the opera light issue, no go. I located and removed the inverter? thanks to info from this forum. I'll check it to see if its bad at work. It is green, part number
20213140 8922C, the 8 is a little blurred so it may be something else.
Any of these available?
Needs a real good detail, wax job. Nice find under the trunk mat, the original
window sticker! That will be laminated.

01-22-06, 07:06 PM
It seems to be a pretty normal problem for the parking brake to no go back up by itself. What happens when you use the button isntead? If it doesn't go up with that either maybe the parking brake just isn't adjusted right. I wish I could find my window sticker easy like that. I don't have mine.