: top speed limiter

01-22-06, 05:47 PM
I own a 2006 cts-v, I want to remove the top speed limiter for track purposes. How much does it cost and how do I do it. I cannot find anything for the LS2.

01-22-06, 09:02 PM
A little off topic, but the other night I had mine up to 169 thanks to Stealth Tune.

If you have a V, you need a stealth tune. It will get rid of the CAGS dreaded shift, your limiter, improve your mpg, and give you ALOT more power. You can raise up your redline too.

Get a Stealth Tune!


01-22-06, 09:06 PM
:yeah: Or.........you could sell it and buy an '04/'05. :D