: I want my "grill" to shine like...My grill

01-22-06, 04:53 PM
So whats up with all these teeth whitening products ?

Anyone know what works and what doesnt ? couple years ago i tried a product , it didnt work , and yes i followed the instructions ....

Saw a few ads today while i was working away int he garage , thought maybe technology has finnaly advanced to where the stuff works ...

Mine are fairly white , but they can be beatter , im surpised they arent worse due to the smoking and constant sweet tea habits i have ....

I figure the only thing for sure that works is the treatments at the dentist offices , and i look into those once i get these wisdom teeth ripped out of my head ....

01-22-06, 06:04 PM
Get yourself some of these :http://www.tvjohnny.net/product_thumb.php?img=images/cap-507.jpg&w=198&h=90 and watch your smile brighten instantly and women flock to you and Gladys everywhere you go.

01-24-06, 08:27 PM
i have held a personal theory since whiteners became all the rage that we are being made self-contious about our really pretty teeth via careful marketing that knows what we worry about and why.

i recently started kinda considering some purchase to get the white brite in my smile, and i had to check myself and fight the insecurity, because god damn it i never thought i had yellow teeth before this fad, so what the ****.. im already in their hands when it comes to shampoo, skin care, all that shit. i feel enslaved and very aroused when i get to buy a big armful of makeup and new hair accessories i dont know how i will use in the slightest..


unless you hve been a smoker or coffee person, i will bet you have a smile not a soul has ever seen as dingy cept you.. ;)

01-24-06, 08:29 PM
oh you smoked.. well so did my boyfriend for years and somehow his teeth are better than a little kids, i swear.. my dad on the other hand.... you dont want his grill!

01-25-06, 06:55 PM
Same here. I didn't have a problem until they came out with this stuff. Then you start looking at everyones teeth (especially on TV and they all have freakishly white smiles). I bought the Crest White Strips once but only did it for two days and then got distracted. They definitely work, just not as good as going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened.