: Minimum Dealership Standards

Mark W. Ingalls
01-22-06, 09:38 AM
My wife and I own a 2005 CTS with the nav system and I don't know what all. It is the coolest car I've ever driven-- it reminds me of all the sportscars I owned in my twenties, except that we've driven it for up to twelve hours, only stopping for gas, potty breaks and meals. Try that in an old sportscar. ouch!

So, what's the problem? We have found that the quality of dealerships' service departments is rather 'spotty'. We think Cadillac in particular, but GM in general, could benefit by requiring a minimum performance standard for service. Not just sales and warrantee service, but collision and out of warantee service as well.

01-25-06, 01:39 PM
I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Ingalls. And it used to be so, but cutbacks in just about all levels of service, regardless of product, has had it's toll on this issue. Remember when you'd drive into a full serve gas station - say, Texaco "Trust Your Car to The Man With the Star" was their motto at one time - and a swarm of service guys would descend, locust-like on your vehicle, pumping gas, checking tire pressure, cleaning windows, pulling dipsticks, holding kleenex up to your snot-nosed kid's faces, etc.? And all that was just the level of service they performed? Well, I remember those times.

I also remember when the dealerships were alot more client focused than they now are but Hell, they had a product to be damn proud of, a product that used to change dramatically - at least cosmetically - each and every year. Now, you're hard-pressed to see any kind of difference year-to-year, unless a completely new model is being introduced. Hard to rile up the crowds without those changes, eh?

I empathise with you but I think GM really believes they have it covered at their dealerships. More's the pity if that is the case, because that means it's a reflection on what John Q. Public is willing to accept, as far as that service goes..

01-30-06, 01:59 PM
Mark your post was well written. I inherited my loyalty to Cadillac from my parents, and they have owned many more than I. One thing they and I will tell you is that when you find a good service department don't ever leave it. There are horror stories from dealership service departments all over the internet. At times it seems these idiot service men and service managers aren't accountable to anyone larger than themselves for their wreckless actions and rude behavior.

02-28-06, 01:11 PM
A good afternoon:

I like this post about dealership performance standards and protocols - particularly if you find a good dealer - Don't Leave!

My husband and I are contemplating an SRX (in 07, hopefully a better interior please). Our dealership, Addison's, Toronto, is the downtown Toronto Caddie, Pontiac dealer (we own a Montana miniwagon).

The dealer is first rate. They have a solid, stable base of customer reps and you are assigned to one of them. They know your history and your tastes. Our is Ricco! Ricco calls from time to time to see how we are.

When our van goes in for service, we get call backs, the vehicle is washed and well taken care of. The price per hr is a tiny bit higher than a suburban location. This dealership is higher end and their clients are high paid professionals who demand top customer service - I love it.

When we are ready for an SRX, we will likely buy there. I might save $500 somewhere else and have the snot nosed staff looking at my vehicle - no thanks.

I am with you on this!


12-19-07, 02:17 PM
I couldn't agree with you all more... It is so aggrivating to meet a customer who assumes that you are like every horrible dealer they have ever been to...

When you find a dealership that takes care of you, stick with them..