: 68 CDV smog pump belt - desperately need help ASAP!

01-22-06, 02:17 AM
1968 Coupe de Ville, 472, with A/C and smog pump..

OK, I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but for some reason I can't figure out how to loosen the smog pump so I can replace the belt? I wouldn't bother honestly but since it also drives the water pump pulley.. it's pretty important!

I've got some people in from out of town to buy the car and they want to drive it home, I'm in a real bind here and want to get them on their way. Couldn't happen at a worse time.

I've found the bolt that locks in the adjustment, you know, the one with the slot, on the lower rear bracket. And I've loosened the long bolt in front that appears to be the pivot bolt.

But it won't budge, and I'm guessing there has to be one more lock bolt somewhere that I'm missing. All I can find though is a bolt with a 9/16 head that sits somewhat behind the pulley, can't get on it with a socket because of pulley interference but can touch it with a wrench - albeit with the wrench crammed against the water pump pulley. It won't budge anyway, stuck like crazy. :(