: Blower motor location on 95 Fleetwood

01-21-06, 09:20 PM
Can anyone tell me where to locate the blower motor on my 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood 4 door? I looked in the engine compartment but I didn't see anything obvious. I am hoping though, that it is in the engine compartment, because that sounds like it is easier to replace than in the dash. It's January and starting to be a pain without it. I'm pretty sure it is the blower motor based on reading other posts. The passenger compartment heats up fine if I am driving on the interstate after 15 minutes, but driving in town there is no heat to speak of, except for a bit of defrost in the middle of the windshield. When I set the heater control to Auto it makes a click sound inside the dash like it is turning on, but no heat blows out. Thanks.

01-24-06, 01:08 AM
remove the panal under the glove box and the blower motor is up under there. Far right. You have to remove 3 screws. you will know what it is because it is round

01-24-06, 12:34 PM
If you're still getting heat then are you sure the blower motor is bad?? It's got to be good at some point I think if you get heat eventually when on the highway after awhile??

If the blower is ok then I'd guess that you have air in your coolant system which can and will prevent good heat output -- been there, done that. You may need to bleed air out of the system from the bleeder on the T-stat housing on top of the water pump.

Good luck

02-13-06, 03:34 AM
Status Update 2-12-2006:


Your two replies helped me figure find the blower motor and fix the problem.:). Turns out it was a loose wire or loose connector. It was located exactly were promised, under the dash clear to the right side. There were three 7- 32nd hex head screws holding it in place. It was easy to remove and re-install.

It finally got cold here in Iowa after a very warm January :mad2: , and it was getting miserable driving around withoug a heater, so I took the time to fix the blower motor on the 1995 Fleetwood.

I posted some digital photos of the re-installation procedure here. I thought maybe this might help someone in the future with a similar 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham blower motor problem.

http://www.amesweb.com/pics/Replacing_Blower_Motor_1995_Cadillac_Fleetwood_Bro ugham/index.html

Cheers :cheers: ,

Ed H.

02-15-06, 12:37 PM
Nice pictures! Will keep the link for future reference.