: Whoooo.... Racing Differential for sale!!!!

01-21-06, 08:49 PM
Check this out. A racing CTS differential for sale. I wonder what they did to beef it up for racing.....

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/CADILLAC-CTS-DIFFERENTIAL_W0QQitemZ8031222402QQcategoryZ33731QQ rdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

01-21-06, 09:27 PM

01-21-06, 10:12 PM
Worse yet, its a 6 cyl rear..

01-21-06, 10:52 PM
Perhaps what was used (if anything at all) to beef up this 6-cyl CTS rear could be used in the "V's" rear. Is "TRUE RACING DIFFERENTIAL" the manufacturer, or just part of the description? Nothing came up on a yahoo search for it.... Oh well, was worth a try.

01-22-06, 10:37 AM
I emailed the guy. He said it was used in oval track racing and has a 'locked' (welded spider gears?) differential (not limited slip). It's clearly not a V rear, and is from a manual trans 3.2L car (only non V with the 3.73:1 rear). We have at least one member with an '03 3.2L 5-speed and limited slip. Mine doesn't have LSD, but I would like it.

Racing means 'thrashed', I'm sure.