: Hey from Italy

01-21-06, 10:58 AM
Hey everyone, just wanted to stop in and say hi, see how everyone's doing. I hate the cars here in Italy, I really do. Everything about this place is awesome except for the cars. Nobody has any power! The biggest thing I've seen was an A8L 4.2 and there were police cars infront and behind it, but that's it! There are Smart cars, Fiats, and VW's everywhere, and everything has a smashed fender or missing bumper. It sounds like everyone is driving a lawn mower or a school bus. How are things around here lately? I don't have the time to read posts for an hour every night like I used to, I miss this place. I'll check back once in a while when I can. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying driving their beautiful American legends around! Appreciate your Cadillacs, my friends, they are a sight to behold! Belissima! Ciao!

01-21-06, 11:46 AM
Wow, the sites must be beautiful. Sorry about the small underpowered cars. Have fun, stay safe and take lots of pics.

01-21-06, 01:48 PM
Have fun man!

Its gonna be really nice to come back to your Brougham isnt it? ;)

01-21-06, 06:34 PM
I'm so jealous!!!!!!
I'm trying to plan a trip the Italy myself soon. My father wants to go and I'm thinking I might go along.
As for the wimpy cars, the first time I was in Europe, I thought the same thing but I found out that the cost of anything powerful is quite high and for the most part only the rich have them. The one thing I found funny was that so many cabs were Mercedes. Then I found out that Mercedes sells some real basic cars in Europe that aren't sold in the states. I also found it interesting that the only American cars I saw were either sports cars and luxury cars like Cadillacs & Lincolns owned by the rvery rich, or Chevy Celebrities used as taxis.

01-22-06, 06:10 PM
Hi Brian,

I hope that you are doing well.
This is a great experience for
you, make the most of your
time away.

A real car awaits
you, upon your return.

Kindest Regards,


01-22-06, 09:21 PM
hey bro. having a good time eh? well thats great, sucks about the cars though, no Masserati's, Ferraris, and Lambos all over the place like i imagined huh? oh well.

PAW 47
01-23-06, 09:17 AM
Ahh.. but there are Alfa GT's a wonderful looking car IMO. :)

01-23-06, 09:50 AM
I wouldn't want to drive a beautiful car over there. It's like Paris. I imagine you are in Rome? Indeed all cars look banged up over there. I would have troubles breathing normally and keep my heart rate down driving in that traffic choas with any of my own cars. Just give me that lawnmower than... hahaha

Alfa GT looks nice. But there are more underpowered versions of that car though. Just be sure you get the 3.2 L 240HP V6 (hey, Alfa can do 20HP better!) if you want the power that goes with the looks.

Anyway, have fun there!

PAW 47
01-23-06, 12:01 PM
Well now that GM is outta Alfa I hope they make a comeback to the states.

01-24-06, 11:24 AM
Nah, I'm in Florence, actually. I FINALLY saw a Ferrari today, an F430! Took a bunch of pictues but I can't upload them right now. Thing was absolutely gorgeous, I got a few photos of me standing around it. Ciao!