: Report on BMR anti-wheel hop kit

01-20-06, 10:51 AM
The stock GM suspension bushings serve as a cushion between the rear suspension cradle assembly and the body. BMR's kit consists of metal spacers that fit over/around these bushings, which negates the cushion and mechanically locks the cradle assembly to the unibody.

I installed the BMR kit over the upgraded GM bushings. With our wet roads in Oregon it is easy to break traction. Wheel hop is still there with the BMR kit. It is reduced somewhat from the previous upgraded GM bushings, but by no means is it reduced to a minimal level.

Some have complained that this kit increases noise transmission. My rear end at 27K mi. is still very quiet, and I noticed no noise increase whatsoever, but I am a geezer with at best "dull-normal" hearing. My wife, however, has acute hearing, as most wifes, and she noticed no change in a 100 mi trip.

One benefit of the BMR kit is that by locking the rear cradle assembly to the unibody it structurally stiffens the unibody.

A friend of mine, who has years of SCCA track experience, claims that the stock CTS-V shocks have very little rebound damping; and that the addition of properly-adjusted QA1 shocks has virtually eliminated his CTS-V's wheel hop.

01-20-06, 01:18 PM
Like I mentioned in my earlier thread, I did not see much of a different with the BMR kit over the GM TSB bushings.

01-20-06, 09:27 PM
FG2s have much greater rebound and do dick for the hop. With all the rubber in the rear suspension, and the bending/tweaking that happens....hop will NEVER disappear without MAJOR relocation of suspension geometry. It just plain straight sucks....

01-20-06, 10:21 PM
The BMR kit does nothing to lock the cradle down. It simply stabilizes the two points between the lower control arm front mounts, thus reducing the tendency of these points to move independently.

This bar will not stabilize your cradle. It will reduce some flex.

Also, the noise transmission spoken of is reference to the BMR pinion support bracket. It is directly attached to the differential, thereby causing some noise transferrence.

My kit is the only kit available that actually addresses the entire cradle and its movement.

01-21-06, 08:07 AM
Try setting the tire presure to 35psi "cold". This works very well for me and my run-craps, along with just the spectra bushings.