View Full Version : got another set of Kooks 1 3/4- no leed pipes great price!!!

01-19-06, 08:48 AM
AS strange as it may seem I got another set of kooks headers, once again i am going the turbo route, so I don't need them but thanks to my wife who tried to be nice by listening to a half of a phone conversation, I now have another set. They have the bolts, gaskets and o2 extendors, no leed pipes, you will have to get that from kooks. I could send them back to Kooks but they charge a 25% restocking fee.I figured I would offer them here at that price 700.00 + shipping. Brand New In the box! If you want pictures email c5racr1@aol.com.
btw the 1 7/8 are sold-

01-19-06, 09:46 AM