: Radar Detector Is Junk!!!

01-19-06, 12:49 AM
Heading to manitoba canada on saturday i was stopped by the RCMP. I know detectors are illegal there - But i figure i got a decent unit with VG-2. Well i found out quick --- it didn't even go off. He looks at me from over 300 feet in the oposite west bound lane as he was passing me . RCMP quick turns and i know i'm nabbed .MY son looks at me and laughs!!!Well $235 fine and at least i get to keep the unit in the trunk to use back in Sask. ROCKY MTN DADAR = CRAP .The cop says there crap because he had one .!!!:bigroll: He said if i had a 8500 50 he woudn't have known ! IS he right ???:rant2: :rant2:

01-19-06, 12:51 AM
Maybe he gets commission from Passport?

Don't know...but I like mine :D


01-19-06, 12:54 AM
Do you have a 8500 and how is it at picking up VG2 or the new VG3???? How much???

01-19-06, 01:19 AM
Dave -

Can't say for sure on the VG3 - but I can say that at least around these parts, it saves my ass quite often. Sorry I can't be of more help here...I'm just a happy customer that doesn't quite know all of the technical aspects of the detector.

I picked the 8500x50 up used on Ebay but don't recall how much (like website price less $70 or so).


01-19-06, 06:18 AM

Everything they make is junk. Google for reviews of their stuff. You get what you pay for in radar detectors.


01-19-06, 07:32 AM
My VALINTINE 1 works great! Knock on wood!

Sorry to here you got busted.:crying2: :nono: :banghead:

01-19-06, 09:11 AM
V1 baby! I don't drive the highways without it.

01-19-06, 10:00 AM
He said if i had a 8500 50 he woudn't have known ! IS he right ???:rant2: :rant2:


01-19-06, 11:35 AM
Rocky mountain IS crap! They have the incentive that they will pay your first ticket, but a ticket is generally less than the cost of the unit so they are still making money. I just got a V1 a couple weeks ago and it has already payed for itself (I-75 speed traps dont scur me).

01-19-06, 11:42 AM
V1 too, "Never leave home without it". :D

01-19-06, 11:50 PM
Yep. V1 is the bomb. Rocky Mountain Radar is a huge scam.

01-20-06, 02:59 AM
I wish I would have bought a V-1 radar detector two years ago......Might have stopped me from getting 4 speeding tickets!!!! :thepan: :thepan: :thepan: :thepan:

01-20-06, 05:57 PM
V1, and look at old threads for remote display/concealed mounting information. This was big issue when The V was first released.

01-20-06, 07:07 PM
Well Rocky mtn. crap is now in the pONTIAC VIBE !!! And a 8500 x50 with blue display is in the V. Valentine is probably better but i couldn.t get one up here quick........ Only complaint is it a little big..

01-20-06, 07:13 PM
That last statement my wife says is not from her !!!!:histeric: :histeric: :histeric: :histeric: :histeric:

01-20-06, 09:20 PM
Watch out in Canada for the new Spectre RDD which has supplemented the old VG-2 units. I had a friend lose an Escort unit in his 911 last year on the 401 in southern Ontario. I would guess the Mountie didn't even "clock" you but he got a warning on his RDD and if you were the only car around and I assume your car has US plates so bingo probable cause and viola ticket time. BTW my friend did not get to keep his Escort.

01-20-06, 09:37 PM
I shouldn,t have got to keep mine either but he knows an officer who works at an attachment nearby who is freinds of ours. It should have been crushed but in Canada its who you know . Which is good!!!!