View Full Version : no overdrive in my 98 eldo

01-19-06, 12:24 AM
recently i replaced the left axle since it was making that horrid clicking noise when turning the wheel. As to our hunch, that axle was bad. But on to the main problem, my OBD2 is spewing out code P0741 Tcc stuck off or some BS. Anyway, through a little investigation we found the soleniod that was not working, and while the car was on the lift for its new axle, we decided to look for and replace said soleniod. long story short accidently opened the servo cover by mistake ( i hate front wheel drives! ) and lost some trans fluid, popped the servo cover on and bolted it up....seemed no harm no foul. Now i have no overdrive, does the servo control the overdrive i suppose is my main question.
Thanks in advanced fellow caddy lovers