: Catera and Omega used new and performance parts

01-18-06, 06:38 PM
I'am from germany and I'm looking for parts of Cadillac Catera

heinz0 (heinz0177@gmx.de)

I need used new and performance parts.
Please offer everything with price.
perhaps anyone can go to the Auto Recycling Place and get Parts for me
(In every case I need

Bumper Cover front and rear
Sidemarker lamps
bumper on the doors and infront of the doors
taillamps left, middle and right
Mirrorglass left and right (with heating and the Text on the glass))

On the other hand
I would be able to send you Parts of the Opel Omega.
(and other german cars):bouncy:



01-23-06, 07:01 AM
heinz0177, Iam from Europe too and I'm thinking to buy Catera.
What you can say about diferences between Catera and Omega. I know that a little bit diferent is Catera exterior and interior. How about susspension and other diferences?