: I don't get the comparisons to Audis

01-18-06, 09:23 AM
I now drive an '06V, just got out of an A6 4.2. These cars are DRAMATICALLY different. Being all wheel drive, these cars have a completely different feel than a BMW or the Vs. Even the S4 which I drove (while a little hot rod), felt so different being all wheel drive.

There is just something about being able to swing the rear end of the V around at will, the steering not being encumbered by any driveline torque, etc. that makes a good rear wheel drive car feel so good.

Audis don't have that feel to me. My A6, even with the 4.2L was the most sterile car I've owned in a long time.

My two cents...

01-18-06, 04:45 PM
maybe they're comparing the interior.

ndogg ct
01-18-06, 07:56 PM
maybe they're comparing the interior.
i love my v ,but there is no comparison interior wise.my old 03 a4 3.0 blows the v away in interior comparison..other than that i would take a v over the s4 any day..now the rs6 is a whole different ball game..

01-18-06, 09:36 PM
I am not going to say that I totally disagree but I regret ever getting rid of my RS6. That is the best car I have ever owned. And it will get sideways if you want it to but hold on... it just does not get sideways in the same way that the V does but then again its rear end has never blown up, cracked, whined, or even hopped in the slightest bit. The new RS4 with the 60/40 split is going to be a blast to drive. I have been thinking lately of going back to the Four Rings actually... either the RS6 again or even the RS4 but if I wait it could be the S8, S6 or 2007.5 RS6. Anyway sorry for the opinion...