: hiting my head on a wall here 2 problems catera

01-17-06, 08:15 PM
Hello all i am having a couple problems with my catera here it is a 97 and here are the symptoms
1. fist time you start the car in the morning it makes a sound like an air plane is geting ready to take off it will last about 2 min then go away and wont happen agin untill the next morning :hmm:

2. my leveling light is on all the time some one told me to listen for a pump to come on but all i hear is the fuel pump i looked at my rear shocks and it looks like they might be blown but still shouldent i here them pumping up??

the fist problem has been going on since i did a motor swap the old motor threw a rod bearing and instead of rebuilding it i got a great deal on a low mile motor. the leveling light just started like 2 weeks ago.

thank you in advance i am knoking my head aginst the wall on these :thepan:

01-17-06, 09:07 PM
I bought a '98 with 50k on it and it also sounds like an airplane for awhile. I've been told that it just does that. I've driven 15k on it and have had no problems. Check your fuses for the load light. Just in case you don't know, they're under the steering wheel.

01-18-06, 01:48 AM
You probobly wont hear a blown shock, but that more than likely is the case. You can check pretty easily. There is a small linkage on the passenger side of the rear differential. It has 2 bends in it and has black plastic ball cups on the end, its about 5 inches long. Pull that off, with the key in the acc position but the car off. Now push that lever that the linkage was attached to up, the car should raise up. Let it raise a good 2 inches, and pull the key out of the ignition. The car should drop fairly quickly with a blown shock.

Be careful though, dont pull the lever down, youll get squashed. I speak from experience.

01-20-06, 05:22 AM
the noise is thesecondary air injection pump in the left front fender by the bumper no it isnt normal but doesnt really affect performance but if your neighbors dont like you theyll hate you now you can replace it and clean all of the secondary air injection lines the pump unless you find 1 on ebay or off a parts car could be costly you can clean out the air injection system yourself the system is clogeg enough to wear out the pump you hear the pump leaking due to the clog I thought my catera was equipped with a shopvac the first time it started good luck hope this helps

01-20-06, 05:38 AM
your air suspension pump is in the front passenger side fender behind the bumper cover you can get to it from under the car check for loose wire or air line loose disconnected also check your relays fuses and at the shock where the air line is fitted to the rubber elbows check for loose clips or worn elbows as well as the alc ride height sensor but if the problem occurred after the swap i would look more at the front of the car for your problem

01-23-06, 05:57 PM
:bouncy: Hey. Here's the deal. I have the same sound when the engine is cold. I have experimented with my car. If you put an intake resistor chip, the car won't do that anymore. I swear. I take it off and put it on once in a while. And it does make the sound disappear. Good luck :coffee:

01-23-06, 06:01 PM
Thanks CateraKidd that solved my noise problem i figured out the second with the shocks replaced the 2 rearshocks and all is well thanks for the help