: Right-Front Headlight out, need info!

01-17-06, 12:55 AM
Ok guys, today my Right-Front Headlight went out. I called NAPA and they said their computers only showed the whole head light assembly with bulbs for sale. Low power output bulb around $190, high power output bulb $260? And that right there threw me off :bonkers: . Does anyone have a simple answer for me by any chance (looking for something cheaper too)?

01-17-06, 12:58 AM
What year Catera? The 97 has replacable bulbs for cheap.

01-17-06, 01:02 AM
It's a 2000

01-17-06, 01:04 AM
What about upgrades? Something like PIAA, do you know of any we can use on our Catz?

01-17-06, 01:06 AM
The 2000 offered the projector lamps in the sport edition but I don't know if it had HID. HIDs are expensive. Check your owners manual and it should show the bulb type. Mine are H7's.

01-17-06, 01:16 AM
Thanks, I just found an old thread that had a website which offeres HID conversions. It would look pretty sweet, I'll have to do some research, don't know a lot about bulbs. I'm planning on buying an Irmscher Body kit soon, it come's with different fog lamps, I wonder what they'll look like.

01-17-06, 05:14 AM
Upgrade kits arent always the best, they can burn your car down if your not careful. Also the ones that use your old assembly will look very bad.

01-17-06, 06:49 AM
If they are conventional headlamps, and they should be, the bulbs are servicable. You'll probably have to remove the old bulb and take it to the parts store and show them what you need.
They are a pain to remove, you pretty much have to take the headlamp out and then remove the bulbs.
Don't forget the screw that you can't see, underneath the headlight asm. You have to remove the painted trim piece that goes between the headlamp and the bumper, look down in there with a flashlight and you'll see the screw.

01-17-06, 09:44 PM
Okay, I have just done this nasty task last week on my '00 Cat. I'm not sure what is your right front, is it standing out side looking at the car head on or sitting in the car and the right front would be the passenger headlamp. Lets start with the easy one and say it is the passenger headlamp. Pop the hood, look towards the back of the headlamp. You will see an oval opening and then a big round rubber cap, its about three inches in diameter and has three tabs on it. Okay, pull the rubber cap off, in the center is the headlamp. Pull the connector off. Now comes the fun part. Get a small hand mirror to see this detail. You know on the old Heinken beer bottles, they used, and maybe still do use, that funky, wire pull tab. Well on the headlamp is the samething. There are two big tabs there, gently squeeze the tabs together and lift back. Now your ready to pull out the headlamp. I went to AutoZone to buy the replacement. It cost me $7 and I believe it was a Sylvania H7, but confirm with the parts guy. Now, make sure you seat the headlamp properly, and you'll know it by when your trying to re-seat the metal holding clip on the headlamp. If use a hand mirror to look at it first before you take it out, it helps you get an idea how it goes together. Lets take the worse case, if it is the one behind the battery, it gets a little tight. It is the same steps as before. But whatever you do don't disconnect the battery to get more room. Take off the battery clamp that is holding the battery in place, and slide the battery back. If you disconnect the battery, you will have to reprogram your power windows and sunroof, if you have one. I had to replace the one behind the battery. Took about an hour. I hope this helps. Any questions, please email me.



01-18-06, 01:00 AM
Yeah, it's the passenger side Headlamp. Thanks for the directions, now I can fix that. It's been driving me crazy, having only one working headlight.

01-18-06, 07:18 AM
My personal preference is to remove the headlamp.
I can see why you wouldn't want to do that and yes it's very doable by the method described above.
I have lots of practice though and a giant box full of tools.
If you are up to it, taking the lamp out makes it easy to see and easy to reach.
Good luck either way you do it!

01-18-06, 02:32 PM
I've changed all 4 at one time or another, all at night, no flashlight, only by feel on the side of the road (I bought a 10pack of h7 bulbs and keep them in my car). Im lucky I didn't have a gun in my hand, or I would have shot myself. Removing the lamp will make your life easier!

01-18-06, 02:44 PM
Interesting that you say it's an H7 ... I just replaced the low beam on my 2001 and it takes an H1. The bulb only has one terminal on it, whereas the H7 has two. I've read this discrepancy before, but I'm not really sure why some have the H1 and some the H7. In fact, when you read the package that the H1 comes in it only says "fog light", where the H7 package reads "fog light AND low beam". But believe me, the H7 is NOT the correct bulb for my 2001. Makes no sense to me ... anyone know why this is??

01-20-06, 12:32 AM
Ok, I got it fixed yesterday, went ahead and replaced them all. After reading how difficult it was I decided to hurry, but I didn't find it that hard, was actually very easy especially when i compare it to all the other cars I've messed with. Thought about buying the xenon bulbs but I really want those HID's.