: 95-96 Mirrors?

01-16-06, 10:17 PM
What are the 95-96 mirrors like? My mom has a 97 Deville and I don't like the mirrors on that one at all. Yuck. To small and angled goofy.

It looks ok until you are driving and looking in them.

01-16-06, 10:42 PM
Since we now have both a '93 with the old-style mirrors and my '95 with the larger corner mounted ones, I can do a pretty good comparison.

I've always thought the smaller ones on the '93 looked dumb on the outside--always, like, for example, why there's a FILLER panel in the corner of the window and the too small mirror instead placed down too low on the door. They're ugly, IMHO, and just impede visibility that much more. I've gotten used to them and really don't have *that* much trouble seeing to the back and side of the car, but they definately would not be my first choice.

That being said, I LOVE the ones on the '95. They're just a little bit larger, but that small bit of extra size plus the fact that they're mounted up higher in the correct spot make the general visibility that much better. Still a hard car to manuever around at times, but every little bit helps. Plus the fact that I think these mirrors just look a hell of a lot better, placed in the proper place and of a more fitting size. OH, and the folding feature is always nice to have in tight spots too. Somehow, when I drove them back to back, the '95s mirrors just seem more natural, and like the way they always should have been.

The overall difference isn't huge, but I definately think the '95-96 ones look better, provide more visibility, and the folding feature is great.

Anyone know what the real reason behind the smaller, door panel mounted mirrors on the '91-94 B and D body cars really is? We had assumed that they wanted to be able to carry over some old parts (could have sworn they used these on the last gen Caprices, etc.), to save money. But I could be wrong...

01-16-06, 11:11 PM
Yes, very likely true, we do it at work all the time, and GM likely does too. I called it "Design for E&O", or Design for Excess and Obsolescence. We try to design in good old parts to use them up. Often there is transitional models, or "refresh models" like the 93/94 FWB, needed to use up old parts as much as possible, some minor some not. Like the 94/95 4.9L Devilles. Not many sold, but enough it helped GM some. But helped ditch some 4.9L inventory to make the complete changeover to the N*. So, in a perfect world, I would always wait a min of 2 years after the intro to any new car model to ensure as many old parts are used up.

Wish you could retrofit w/o replacing the doors!

...Anyone know what the real reason behind the smaller, door panel mounted mirrors on the '91-94 B and D body cars really is? We had assumed that they wanted to be able to carry over some old parts (could have sworn they used these on the last gen Caprices, etc.), to save money. But I could be wrong...

01-16-06, 11:19 PM
Well, you don't really have to replace the doors--just have to fill in the hole and repaint the whole thing after switching mirrors. Still quite a job, but I've seen it done several times.

Like I said, the ones on the '93 really don't bug me all that much, weird looking or not, so I'd probably never even really entertain the thought of making such a switch. I much prefer the other ones, but I think I already solved that issue by just purchasing a '95:yup:

01-16-06, 11:44 PM
I'd suggest against it on a 94 model because the dash is different it's a little bigger just enough to block the view.

look at these pics of a nice 94 with newer mirrors imo It's worse than having the stock 94 mirrors because the dash is in the way and at maximum you'll gain 1" but with the dash in the way you'll lose about 2-3" of mirror.

you can check out the old thread here http://impalassforum.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=35;t=000364

It's never really bothered me at least not enough to do something about it.

I'd rather buy a 95 model for $5,000 or so than spend $500-800 on getting the new mirror style and fixing or changing the dash so it works right.

01-16-06, 11:52 PM
But to find a 95 V4P car.....

I do like how much bigger that would be helpful.

My mom's 97 are SMALLER than the 93/94 FW mirrors!!

01-16-06, 11:54 PM
Yep, I agree. Especially after finally seeing the differences in the dash to make the larger, higher mirrors more visible on my '95. The extra dash hangover on an older one really does screw up the view with the newer mirrors.

Then again, if it's just a minor quirk you can live with, there's no reason to bother with another car. Just be glad if you find one WITH like I did:thumbsup:

01-17-06, 12:24 AM
since the 94's passenger side mirror is a convex mirror somehow slightly curved enough to give a more viewable area with a smaller diameter mirror I've NEVER EVER had a problem seeing the cars on the passenger side. Only once i had a car in my blind spot on the driver side that I didn't see but that was due to user error so now I just glance quickly to my left OR usually I don't even use my side mirrors the way I drive I don't need to look sideways I just time it etc.:lildevil: :lildevil: :lildevil:

01-17-06, 12:22 PM
Pretty well covered already by ocjmakaveli and caddycruiser, they mentioned the dash changes and the benefits of the wider and larger mirrors that stick out farther (but fold in so the auto car wash works).

My 96 Caprice utilizes the larger mirrors (identical to Caddy) in the same position and they are nice to have. Visibility is probably improved over older design due to larger size. But in my opinion the older style mirros being lower on the door are easier to aim and find the sweet spot for driving.
Seems like I am always adjusting the bigger Caprice mirrors that are mounted up higher on the door to find the good area to see traffic. I dunno....not much difference really to convince me to desire one style over the other.

Now speaking in purely cosmetic terms, I am partial to the older style mirrors that mount on the door lower. SOmething about them make the car look like the "hotrod" style. GM used the same mounting styles on my 71 Camaro, and on 78-88 G-bodies. To me they just look "cooler", although I'll admit the bigger 95-6 style mirros do look more streamlined and "smooth".

Just my opinion, but the Fleetwoods with 95-6 mirros look more like the Deville that closely resembles the Fleetwood. The mirrors are just another step in the Deville direction and I think the "old school" door mount 93-4 mirrors look good enough and differentiates the models.

When I had my Fleetwood repainted recently I briefly thought about changing over the mirrors to the big ones since I was having a total repaint anyway. But with the dash issue and the fact that I was getting flames on the car, I figured the old school mirrors would do a better job anyway!

Don't get me wrong, I love the 95-6 mirror look also!