: 1983 Coupe DeVilles...

01-16-06, 06:52 PM
(this thread is regarding Rear Wheel Drive 2drs only, and does NOT include eldorados)

Hello, I am new to these forums. Although I'm a big body 2 door fanatic. I'm on my 5th 1983 Coupe DeVille. Actually what I really want is the last year of the big body two door, which to my knowledge, is the 1985 Brougham 2-door.

Although, of the big body brougham 2door of 1985, I beleive there were only 1700 made that weren't deisel.

I want to know how to find statistics on 1983 coupe de'villes. I think one of the ones I own is very rare. This is why I think it's very rare. Nearly all of the 83' coupes I've seen with leather seats stock also had the carriage top (vinyl top on back section of roof). Well I've got a brown 83' coupe deville with the all hard top and with brown leather seats. I would be specifically interested to know how many 83' coupes came with leather, how many came with, and without a carriage top.

Also, I'm wondering if I'm correct with this:??

- 1983 is the last year for the big body coupe deville 2dr...?
- 1985 is the last year for the bid body brougham 2 dr...?

Was there a 2 door brougham 1980-1985 without missing a year?

Thanks for anyone's help with these questions.

By the way, my other 83' coupe deville is a full show car. It's been in 3 lowrider magazines. It's aztecan microflake, full plush velour interior, swivel buckets, juiced 2 pumps 6 bats, has airbrushed murals on hood and trunk.
I'm in the process of replacing all of the weather seals.

01-16-06, 07:14 PM
1984 was the last year for the Coupe deVille.

DopeStar 156
01-16-06, 11:00 PM
1984 was the last year for the RWD Coupe de Ville. The Fleetwood Coupes ended in 1985. Sad because if they made them for one additional year you woulda had the 307, a big step up from the HT4100. Too bad... DeVilles went FWD and shrunk in 1985, the last Coupe de Ville was in 1993.

01-16-06, 11:24 PM

Just wanted to comment that a 1980's Coupe deVille without the vinyl or cabriolet top is likely not all that rare. The vinyl was an option and back in the day most were ordered with it. I personally like the cars without the vinyl tops since they look clean and uncluttered. On the deVille series the most likely reason the car is missing the vinyl top is because the buyer was unwilling to pay extra money for the option. I wish my cars didn't have vinyl.


01-16-06, 11:31 PM
I wonder why they didnt carry the FWB coupe up until 1992?

Poor sales I'd imagine. :(

01-16-06, 11:32 PM
Hi Chad,

Do you know the production numbers for the FB Coupes?


01-16-06, 11:39 PM
1981- (total 2 door production, FWB & CDV) 62,724
1982- ( " " " " " " ) 50,130
1983- ( " " " " " " ) 65,670
1984- ( " " " " " " ) 50,840

Judging from 1980, when there was 2300 FWB coupes made, and 55,490 CDV's made, so that means they always sold a lot more CDV's than they did FWB coupes.

DopeStar 156
01-17-06, 02:43 AM
I wonder why they didnt carry the FWB coupe up until 1992?

Poor sales I'd imagine. :(
Well, here's how I see it.....

Why buy this?

When you could buy this?

Now imagine it's 1986 and you're more used to the second option.....