: Selling a couple Caddy trinkets...interested??

01-16-06, 06:13 PM
Just a couple little things, but I don't have a use for them and was just about to put them on Ebay--but thought I'd check to see if anyone here wanted them first.

*First one is a 1995 Fleetwood owner's video. I had already bought one last year off Ebay (for a nice little sum too, I might add) for my car crap collection, so when I found this one in the '95 I just bought, I didn't need it. The cover clearly has a some stains on it (coffee, maybe?) and is a little wrinkled up, but still covers the tape effectively and the tape itself works perfectly. In case you don't know, it starts out with a long intro from the General Manager of Caddy back in '95, shows video of all the different Caddy's for the model year, and then goes into a long Fleetwood-specific, descriptive video that shows all about the car, talks about improvements for the model year, how stuff works, etc. REALLY cool, especially if you have one of these cars.

*And the other one is a trunk lock emblem/cover. After seeing SSStealth's mod where he replaced the wreath & crest FW trunk lock cover with a circular "Cadillac Motor Car Division" one from a different model Caddy, I wanted to do the same some day. Changed my mind now, so don't need the emblem anymore. The face is FLAWLESS, the only bug being a few chips on the edge of the lower part in one place. Still has the original studs on the back, along with what seems like a clear plastic "gasket" piece. Looks great, whether on a Fleetwood or some other Caddy.

Make me an offer either here or via PM, if you're interested (I take Paypal). Otherwise, they'll be up on Ebay soon!

01-16-06, 07:28 PM
Any interest? Going to Ebay shortly, I guess...

EDIT: Now on Ebay...