View Full Version : Stock OEM 18 inch Tires JUNK in snow (AWD V8)

01-15-06, 12:55 PM
WARNING, the stock OE Michelin that come on the 18 Rims are COMPLETE JUNK IN SNOW after 15k miles. I got the Dunlop M2 snows last year and was late putting on the snows. The OEM have TERRIBLE braking ability at low speeds. Coupled with the stupid Cadillac ABS that does not turn off below 3 mph (also contributes to long braking distances at low speeds in snow) the SRX just KEEPS GOING AND GOING when you apply brakes at those speeds…

Snows going back on today…


01-15-06, 01:07 PM
Know what you mean syrob,
happened to me today in snow north of Athens. Backed down a parking ramp with some snow, the ABS kicked in (snails pace remember.....)I thought I would never stop, took me a good 2 feet to stop, only a couple of inches from the car behind me. Not good! (Michelin Pilots and 4,000 miles on the clock.)