View Full Version : its been a little while but i am back for good!!

01-15-06, 12:29 PM
well i had to sell my 94 sls 6 months ago and i have kinda lurked here everynow and then, but last night i redeemed myself and bought a 96 sts for 3 grand, with a leaking headgasket, was able to drive 200 miles home, its my fave car, pearl white sts with the 6 spoke chrome wheels, 102k miles, i think i got a pretty good deal, now i will locate the parts and timesert kit and fix it, then will keep it forever!!!! glad to be back here with you guys, hopefully upload some pics of the car later today

oh yea so about a used timesert kit!!!! anyone??:bouncy:

01-15-06, 09:31 PM
ok heres a pic



01-16-06, 07:39 AM
Why would anybody buy a Caddy with a known bad head gasket? Especially for $3000. :hmm:

01-17-06, 11:43 AM
I certainly wouldn't have. Is this guy insane or what?

01-17-06, 12:23 PM
If you're comfortable doing the work, WANT to do the work (either for enjoyment or education), and can't otherwise find that perfect combination of color/options in your area, I don't think it's that illogical. For another $500-1000 in parts, this guy has an otherwise perfect-running '96 STS with relatively low miles on the cheap.

Back to the car...how do you know the head gasket is "bad"...have you verified that with a pressure test?

01-17-06, 01:09 PM
Here's a good rule of thumb for you:
When buying a car with a known engine defect, assume the engine is unusable. I can't tell you how many guys I've seen (myself included) who bought a car with a "supposed" minor engine defect that turned out to be VERY MAJOR. In many cases, requiring a replacement engine.
For this reason, I would have required the price of this car to be inline with one of the same year, make, model with a blown engine, and THAT would have been less than $3000 for a '96 STS with >100K miles.
This isn't far-fetched at all considering the likelihood that the engine would require a complete overhaul for guaranteed long-term reliability. Now if the guy is just figuring on doing the head gasket job and taking a crap-shoot on the engine......i guess he can but I'd never suggest that as a smart move.

01-17-06, 04:41 PM
Good point. So you're saying that one shouldn't assume a set of head gaskets and Timeserts will fix it? Assume that the whole engine will have to be replaced. That's probably a smart way to look at it, and it sounds like experience is talking there.

01-17-06, 06:36 PM
still though 3k for a reman he installs it that brings his total to 6 which is only slightly high for an STS in diamond white with sunroof (only visable options)

01-17-06, 10:23 PM
Good point. So you're saying that one shouldn't assume a set of head gaskets and Timeserts will fix it? Assume that the whole engine will have to be replaced. That's probably a smart way to look at it, and it sounds like experience is talking there.

Yes, it is. :(
Buy and sell enough cars and you WILL get bitten by this type of thing. That's why I suggest that people use my "rule of thumb". Seriously reduces your exposure.

01-18-06, 02:03 PM
i wanted the car for fun more than i needed iit, i have 5 cars so it can sit, and i love the wheel color combo and havent seen one in my immedieat area before, i drove the thing back home, 100 miles, just had to vent the cooling system every 60 miles since the head gasket leak is on # 8 cylinder it builds pressure and vents out the rad cap, thus removing coolant, otherwise it ran fine and operated fine, never got hot either. if the motor is bad, i have another one to put in it i was gonna use for something else, so thats not to big a deal, and i bought the car to keep not to resell, so i dont care what its worth fixed or anything, and i have priced out the parts just for the head gasket job at around 500. and of course i will be looking for more signs that might mean the motor needs rebuilt, and if it does so be it, but otherwise i think the head gasket job and its done. but i am prepared for the worse, and i understand you guys points, but this is for fun, i dropped the cradle outta my 94, but this will be my first N* head job, not my first engine job or head job though by any means.

01-18-06, 02:50 PM
For fun?!
Ah, you're young. Too many years doing that kind of crap for me to call it fun anymore. As far as the job though, have you ever done any Northstar engine work? There's a few special tools and procedures that are unique to it. Also, make sure to have the heads tested. May seem to be obvious but you'd be surprised how many guys I've seen do head gaskets without having them checked.

01-18-06, 04:33 PM
Make sure you use the Timesert kit, or you'll be doing it again in a year. And that WON'T be fun, even if the first time is.

01-18-06, 06:29 PM
no i def plan to timesert, and no n* internal work before, but i know as a rule of thumb to throughyl inspect and check heads for trueness, i plan to get the timesert tool kit, a water pump puller since i will replace it too, any other special tools?? i have about every tool under the sun , but anything special you guys think of let me know.

and yes i am a young one!!!, 25. and a total tinker person, i prefer the cheap blown up ride to the more pricey ready to roll ride!!!

01-23-06, 08:44 PM
Good for you, cart69 !!!
I love your spirit. Don't let anyone put a damper on your love of tinkering.
I wish I were young enough for that kind of luxury.
These days my tinkering is confined to engine mods on my two Harleys, which doesn't require nearly the garage space nor the knuckle-bashing that working on a N* entails.

It's nice that there's guys like you willing to give the necessary TLC to these aging luxo-cars, to keep them on the road and lookin' pretty.