: Need some "code" help...

01-15-06, 11:33 AM
Took the '95 out for a quick spin this morning to the gas station and all seemed well, but as I was driving down the street through our development, I looked down and saw the Check Engine light had come on steady. Everything was running fine, I thought, so I just pulled in at home and we looked it over.

Now, after pulling the codes from the CC, I need some decoding help because most of the ones I got are 3 digits. Do these count or what? There's no mention of them in the service manual, just all the 2 digit ones.

By the way, this is what I got:




And nothing on either the -03 or -04. So what are these larger numbers?

01-15-06, 12:26 PM
I'm currently at work, but will look these up at home tonight in the manual if no one replies earlier.
I looked al over the web, but couldn't find them.

01-15-06, 12:33 PM
I'm currently at work, but will look these up at home tonight in the manual if no one replies earlier.
I looked al over the web, but couldn't find them.

Okay. Yeah, I found the -00/32 one in both my '93 manual and on the net:

"EGR open command did not change fuel mixture during off idle operation."

Not sure exactly what it means with this wording, but I did just remember that last January when we had put the '93 in the shop for the check engine light being on and the spark knocking, they called back and said "It said Code 32--the EGR", and ended up replacing both that and the solenoid.

But this car doesn't have any apparent running/operating problems at the moment, so I'm wondering what to do about the 32...along with the 3-digit codes that I have no idea what they mean.

01-16-06, 01:21 AM

You realize the codes starting with "1" as in "1xx", are historical records stored in memory. Whenever an error/failure is no longer detected, the DTC (Diag. Trbl. Code) is stored in history. The historical DTCs is the same two-digit trouble code preceded by a "1". The code will stay in memory for up to 199 ignition cycles.

So the only code in your system that is current is the -00 32 code, which you found as an EGR code.

The others are:
01 28: VES (Variable Effort System - Steering) tracking Error
01 43: Key resistor circuit (open or shorted to battery)
01 44: Steering wheel sensor circuit (open or stort to grnd.)

02 26: Serial Data Communication (circuit shorted or open)
02 10: Air mix morot circuit (open)

I realize this may not help much. I have little experience with these codes and realistically decoding what they mean. If you look through the manual, there is a lot of testing that may be needed to really diagnose the problem. I guess that's why most shops generally throw parts at a problem, and spend little time running real labor intensive tests.

Hopes this helps.

01-16-06, 08:46 AM
Yeah, thanks. I eventually figured out the "1-" thing meant history, as someone else told me. That, and because the weather changed so drastically overnight last night, from 65 Saturday to about 29 and insanely windy, the car's system probably just got a little confused and registered the code 32 and the C.E. light--because, otherwise, there was no difference or problem in how it ran.


01-17-06, 12:34 PM
Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but you can clear the codes and have them erased. That way if they come back then you know that the problem persists....

You can select the "OFF" button to instantly clear that code from the system.

01-17-06, 12:53 PM
That's ALWAYS my first step. Clear codes and see what comes back. Can't tell you how often I've seen random codes lead guys down all kinds of useless diagnostic paths.

01-17-06, 12:59 PM
Yeah, thanks. I took that tip from someone else on another board, and went out and cleared them before I left for school. Just going to wait and see if anything new pops up again, then.