: Northstar Squealing noise

12-29-03, 08:02 AM
Yesterday I noticed an intermitten squeal comming from my engine. It sounds like it may be a belt but am not sure. How much does it usually cost to have belts changed on this engine? Does the whole thing usually have to come up out of the car?

12-29-03, 09:00 PM
Changing the serpentine drive belt isn't a big job and it shouldn't cost very much to get it checked and changed, if needed. I had a similar noise on a NorthStar once that turned out to be the water pump belt. After ignoring it for a week or so, the water pump locked up, melting the belt to the plastic pulley and ruining the camshaft pulley as well. An expensive lesson. You might consider taking it to a reputable place and ask them to check both belts.