: High Oil Consumption *INFO*

01-14-06, 03:04 AM
Bulletin No: 02-06-01-009C

Date: October 23, 2003



Higherthen Expected Oil Consumption (Clean Piston Rings)

1996-2000 Cadillac Concours
1996-2002 Cadillac Eldorado
1996-2003 Cadillac DeVille, Seville
with 4.6L Engine (VINs Y,9 - RPOs LD8 L37)


This bulletin is being revised to add parts information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 02-06-01-009B (Section 06 - Engine)

VIN Breakpoints


Some customers may comment on higher then expected oil consumption. The typical customer with this condition comments on consumption in the range of 1qt of oil usd in 1000-1400 miles of operation. The oil consumption rate and possible oil consumption areas, as per Corporate Bulletin #01-06-01-011 dated March, 2001, should be verified prior to perfomring the ring cleaning procedures below. The standard for acceptable oil econmony and method for determining oil economy are outlined in Corporate Bulletin #01-06-01-011.

The following text is referenced from Corp. Bulletin #01-06-01-011 for your convenience. Oil Consumption:

The accepted rate of oil consumption for engines used in the vehicles referenced is 1qt in 2000 miles. This rate only applies to personal use vehicles, under warranty, maintained in accordance with the appropriate maitenance schedule, with less than 36,000miles or 50,000 miles for Cadillac, driven at legal speeds in an unloaded (for trucks) condition.


Although there are several reasons for less than expected oil economy described in Corp Bulletin #01-06-01-011, one area not covered is reduced sealing ability of the rings. Though normal usage, combustion chamber deposits may build up to the point that movement of the rings could become restricted and prevent the rings from wiping all of the oil off the cylinder walls and allowing it to be burned in the combustion process.

To be continued if interested...

Tommy Deville
01-14-06, 09:58 AM
YES VERY INTRESTED my deville goes throw about 2 quarts of oil every 1500 to 2500 miles

01-14-06, 03:27 PM
amen, more info please. i have 96 seville with this problem.