: 00 catera eletrical problems

01-14-06, 02:17 AM
I just got home from Iraq and bought a 2000 catera and I have some of the strangest things.... in the morning(if its cold) the light (on the dash) icon lights up and I get this awful buzzing. If I turn on the lights (or the car warms up) the buzzing goes away. :confused:

Then I have the right rear light keeps burning out (replaced 3 in 4 days)..

and finally The drivers side high beam wont come on at all, but the passenger side will sometimes light up on its own (in the middle of the night) and kill the battery. and just to add fuel to the fire I get this little hum/crackle sound around the cruise control occasionally. and the bright light indicator dimly lights up on the dash. :suspense:

Oh yeah and just to add some spice I have noticed a burnt oil smell when I get out out. I haven'y found any white build up on the oil tube and no puddles of dexron but I have found what looks like a wet spot on the left side manifold. :want:

Noe some would say I got a lemon, but i got to tell you the car gets 27MPG and is super comfortable, super quiet and has a great stereo. And i paid less than 6,000 for it :thumbsup:

I'm thinking if I replace the cruise control/turn signal switch I may fix the high beam light coming on but what can i do about the beam that won't come on and the rear light that keeps burning out? and yes the fuses are all fine.

Anyway thanks for any advice. :worship: