: Sirius Installed

01-13-06, 08:19 PM
:histeric: Just posted pictures of my Starmate Sirius radio installed in the ash tray under Cadillac Images in the SRX section. The ash tray does not close but it looks better than sitting on the dash. Howard Stern is better than ever ...

01-14-06, 10:47 AM
I don't get what people see in that jock. All he talkes about is crap like having sex with who and whatever is in his studio. And then he tops that off by playing messages from the KKK.

Just what I want to hear, divine words from that group!

01-14-06, 11:18 AM
You just don't get it... It's all in fun.

01-14-06, 11:49 AM
You just don't get it... It's all in fun.

Yeah, I get it. I just feel that spreading the words from the KKK isin't all that funny. And his sexual rantings, hell, I heard all that in high school.

Have I left out any other words of wisdom his show consists of?

But hey, I don't have to listen to him. Actually, I'm glad he's off the FM waves.

Its still a free country-the choice is yours!

01-15-06, 12:58 AM
Hey Nowwwww......you just don't get it