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01-13-06, 11:37 AM
I have a 1970 Deville Convertible for sale. I have had the car since 1982. It has been off the road since 1988. It is need of restoration. Anyone interested?

01-13-06, 04:48 PM
Where are you located? Would you be interested in parting it out at all?

01-13-06, 05:57 PM
I have a 1970 Deville Convertible for sale. I have had the car since 1982. It has been off the road since 1988. It is need of restoration. Anyone interested?


1. Any engine, transmission or rear axle leaks?
2. Transmission shift smoothly or slips?
3. Does the car drive straight with minimal correction?


1. How would you rate the floor and upholstery?
2. Do all the guages, instruments work properly? A/C, heat and climate control module function well?
3. All windows and power locks functioning?
4. Auto dimming rearview mirror in working order?


1. Are the glass and mirrors clean? Glass weather seal in good condition?
2. Are the weather seals and rubber around doors/trunk/hood/astroroof
in good shape? Any leaking anywhere?
4. Regarding the top, what shape is it in?
5. Rate quality of paint job. Original paint? Any visible rust (even
in knooks and crannies)? Any rust or dents on any Chrome?
6. Is the body otherwise straight? Ever been in any accidents?
7. What does the underbody look like? Any rust? Solid chassis?

Last but not least:

1. Does the vehicle come with maintenance records and receipts for work done on the car? That said...
2. What work has been done on the car?
3. Has the car ever been in any accidents or required any body work?
4. Predictions or knowledge of anything that may need attention or
require work/replacement?

Final questions:

How much are you looking to get for your car?
Where are you located?
How many miles does she have?

01-15-06, 12:08 PM
Please don't part it or scrap it. A classic like that should stay together and be restored.
If I had the money and space (mostly it's a lack of space) I'd come and buy it, but I can't, so I'll just say best of luck in finding someone to buy the car. A '70 covertible should not be very hard to find a buyer for. I'd list it in Hemmings motor news, that's a great publication for getting a classic sold.
Just realise that if the car isn't in such great shape, it won't get anywhere near the prices you see for restored ones. It takes mucho dinero to restore a car like this, which is why the prices are so high. But, unless it's a total basketcase, you should be able to get several grand out of it. There are a number of classic car pricing guides out there, do a few google searches and they will help you settle on an asking price.

Oh, and please post pics!

01-23-06, 02:48 PM
Thanks for the responses. Like indicated in my original post it is in need of a major restoration. I will take some pictures and add them to here if I can figure it out. The car is located near Sioux Falls, SD. I do not want to part it out.

02-07-06, 12:40 PM

I just want to find someone who will fix this one up. I am not looking for allot of money for it. I would be willing to let it go for 1500.00 if I found the right person. Give me an email address and I will send pictures.

02-07-06, 04:04 PM
You can send pics to djohnson1981@yahoo.com I would honestly love to see it.
Trouble is I have the five cars in my profile, plus my g/f's multiple cars. Two car lovers living together can be interesting. My Caddy is actually parked at a neighbors right now.
If you still have the car in a few summers after I've graduated, then I would seriously consider it. I'm wrapping up a Mechanical Engineering degree right now, so I should have more space and money (but maybe not much more time, lol)

02-08-06, 01:01 AM
ads belong in the classifieds area.