: Why different wheel sizes (rear/front)?

01-13-06, 11:30 AM
It quite strange for me - once again, from different souces, it's wellknown, that the power splitting in AWD version is 50/50 (front/rear).
But the question is - why the wheels sizes on front & rear are different ?
On mine the rear wheels are bigger ( wider).
Is anybody can provide me some explanation - what for ?
According to my understanding, that is'nt a question of a weight - there is nothing extremely heavy is on the rear wheels, or I'm wrong ?
Thanks in advance,

01-14-06, 11:50 AM
there have been many threads on this subject. worth a search. first, the wheels are NOT different sizes, the tires are. second, it is to prevent over-steer, and nothing more. it is NOT necessary. i did my snows in the larger size all around. Zero problems.