: Head gasket compressed thickness

Will's Fiero
01-12-06, 01:07 AM

I had a '95 Northstar with 282 5 speed running in my Fiero for about two years. It ran 12.86 @ 106 and put down 255 rwhp through 2" dual (too small, I know) exhaust.

Then it cracked a liner.

I procured another block; installed time serts; had it honed poorly; put it together and it blew oil smoke; pulled it back apart; had it honed well; and am now in the process of doing it RIGHT the second time around, after learning a lot from the first time.

I will be using stock crank.
Eagle rods
CP Pistons (currently being designed)
Total Seal rings with diamond lapped gapless tops & Napier profile 2nds.

The block is being align honed and may be decked ever so slightly depending on how flat and square the deck surface turns out to be.

In order to achieve the quench characteristics I want, I will need to tell CP exactly what compression height to use when making the new pistons.
The only dimension I am lacking in order to do this is head gasket compressed thickness.

What is the compressed thickness (and tolerance?) of the stock head gaskets?
Are there any other head gasket options (copper?)?


01-12-06, 07:37 PM
Since no one answered I'll say they seemed regular thickness which is in the .039-.050 range. I don't have one to measure.