: light bulb change

01-08-06, 11:07 AM
Hello, I tried doing a search and I can't find anything on changing the dash lights on my 00 Catera. Does anyone have instruction on how to change lights when they burn out in the dash?

01-08-06, 04:15 PM
Go to Search and type in "Instrument Panel Removal"

01-09-06, 07:05 PM
Okay, here is the step by step instructions (with pics might I add) on how to remove a 1997 catera dash. I'm assuming that it will be the same for 97-01 but dont hold me to that. It seems pretty involved so have at it!


02-28-06, 12:29 AM
Can anyone out there confirm if the linked instructions for the '97 will work on an '01?

02-28-06, 01:56 PM
Yes, they work fine. I just changed out 2 cluster bulbs on my 00 Catera this weekend and it was EASY!!!! I am not mechanically inclined but this was not a hard task and I felt really good to get it done and NOT screw up!


03-01-06, 11:39 PM
Thanks for the reply, Jeff. I'm in the same boat as you, mechanically speaking, so your post is encouraging. I'll give it a whirl this weekend.

03-04-06, 11:52 AM
Just dont start your car with the Instrament cluster out.. Your check engine light will come on. I had to buy the reader. Luckily it was on sale for 80 buck canadian.