: 05srxv8

01-06-06, 12:27 AM
I plan to change my oil in my V8AWDSRX. Any pointers I should be aware of? Where's the filter? Is it spin on or canister like the V6? What's the size of the drain plug nut? Does the plug have a replaceable washer like some european cars have? Moble 1 still the recommended oil? etc.

01-06-06, 12:25 PM
Very easy! All right up front, behind the front bumper. You can do it all while on your back in front of the SRX without going underneath!

Yes, spin-on; and yes, Mobil 1. Size of plug--?? Don't recall a washer on it.

john d
01-07-06, 01:02 AM
Stay with GM oil filter from your dealer's parts department.
I heard that the "High Efficency" filters restricted the oil flow due to overly tight filter media packing.
Took a new GM filter and other aftermarket premium filters and simply blew through them to test the warning.
Couldn't beleve how much harder the non GM filters were to blow throught.
Could cause oil starvation as the miles accumulate and the captured junk further packs the filter element.
Why risk damage to an engine for a couple a dollars per filter for each
10k (+or-) Mobil 1 oil change?

john d
01-07-06, 01:08 AM
Forgot to say that I found the oil filter wrench of the style that is slightly larger than the filter top and fits the filter's top like a shallow socket, or hat, a necessity in order to tighten the filter per GM instructions on the box.
Walmart was a good source for Mobil 1 and the filter wrench that's made by Fram, I think.