: "Service Vehicle Soon" question

03-10-03, 10:41 PM
Hey, what's up everybody?? I'm new to the board and I got a '94 Seville SLS...On to my question....Today my friend was revvin my engine kinda hard for just a little bit, and when I headed home today, I noticed that my "Service Vehicle Soon" light came on....When I got home, I turned the car off, and started it back up and the light didn't come back on and still hasn't come back on even after driving around a bit...Also, I now get the trouble code "Code PO36 History"....In another forum I heard that this means a dirty EGR valve...Is this a problem??? The performance is the same as far as I can tell, but I just wanna know if I should be concerned...Thanx in advance and it's cool to be on such a great message board!!

03-10-03, 11:36 PM
Welcome! You may want to check out the Seville/Eldo board to get the best answers to your questions!

03-11-03, 11:26 AM
Welcome aboard, QueensBridge! And thank you for signing up. I'm glad you like the site! It's here for you whenever you need it. :D