View Full Version : Rear brake rotors

01-05-06, 03:50 PM
ok I am thinking about buying new rotors for my 99 cat for a few reasons maybe better stoping power. but the main reason would be I stripped out one of my lug nut holes a few times and a tire shop did one too. So now tired of rethreading the dang thing so just wanted to make sure that by replacing the rotors this would give me new threads for all my lug nuts.

01-05-06, 05:17 PM
Replacing your rotors will not give you new threads for your lug nuts.

01-05-06, 11:42 PM
You just need to buy new studs.

The studs pass threw the rotors. So they are two seperate deals.

01-06-06, 05:51 AM
These cars dont have studs trench, they have lug bolts.

01-06-06, 10:00 AM
the holes where the lub bolts go in are stripped out. So anyone maybe know what part I need.

01-06-06, 09:22 PM
a rear hub