View Full Version : Reliability and longevity of a 97 N* motor?

01-04-06, 11:57 AM
New here looking to get a 97 deville with 119k miles, clean car well maintained as far as I can tell. Should I be worried with 119k miles? how long will this motor last if taken car of? anything I should be worried about?

on a side note how is the tranny in 97 deville?

01-04-06, 02:17 PM
I wouldn't worry, but with any car, you never know! A while ago I saw a 97 Deville on eBay that had 628k miles. Your results may vary! :)

01-07-06, 02:30 AM
628k? Do you by any chance have the link to that? That was probably on its 2nd or 3rd motor and 5th set of accessories, and probalby its 3rd transmission. I wouldve just bought another car before i even hit 120k, and even that is like 3 yrs from now.

01-07-06, 09:19 AM
It was well over year ago. The ad didn't mention anything about a new engine. It was a livery car, but it was just a standard Deville.

01-07-06, 05:00 PM
several months ago i picked up a 97 deville with 117k. now with 121k. in the months ive had it, ive replaced a hose fitting off the water pump that blew, and the brakes.

within the last year, the previous owner had a new alternator, fuel pump - filter, lines - and rails, and a battery replaced.

car cost me 3500, they wanted 4 but settled at 35 cuz for the 40k miles they had owned it they never did a tune-up and were not sure if it was ever done by the first owner (im the 3rd owner).

ask about previous repairs of course.
tune up?
any service to the cooling system? youll want to replace all the fluids you can afford anyways.

i was a little iffy about buying a 97 N* as i remember reading somewhere that they had coolant issues above and beyond the 98-9. but after driving it, speaking with the owners (a couple in their 50s), and checking the records i couldnt turn it down for the price.

hope this helps!

01-08-06, 07:13 PM
It all depends on who had it last so to speak. I bought my 97 with 98,000 miles for $3000. Drove it 30,000 miles and did nothing but brakes and ignition switch. But now headgasket is bad and I was quoted $3800 to repair.

01-08-06, 09:43 PM

I realize head gaskets are a disaster but at $3000 you got 30,000 miles. The residual value of your car should be about $1000. So $2000 for 30K isn't too bad.

I told this story before....discussion at work I walked in on. The topic was head gaskets on newer cars. No one mentioned Caddy's. Just about everything else was mentioned.

My friends MB lost a head gasket.

Cars stay in good condition much longer than they did 20-30-40 years ago. A 97 is still a nice car, even with 130,000 miles on it. In the 60's anything over 30 was high miles on a 5yr old car! Coolant change isn't thought of like oil changes are, and that seems to be one of the issues on aluminum blocks & heads.

01-08-06, 10:01 PM
This is why I change my coolant every year, or if i dont drive 10k, every 5,000miles. If it ever comes to replacing a head gasket, That's it. Car will be sold. Unless my dad pays for it, but I doubt it and I'd rather have a new car.