: Heater Question - Actuator ???

01-03-06, 12:40 PM
First, I've read all the posts regarding the actuator!

Here's my issue ... I have heat coming from the driver and passenger side vents when in the "auto" mode, but not from the center vent (primarily the passenger side of the center vent). If I put the system into "manual" mode, I have plenty of heat coming from ALL vents. Is this the infamous passenger side actuator problem, or possibly something else?

Also, there was a discussion recently regarding whether the A/C runs continuously or not. Here's what I found ... if you put the system into "auto" mode, the A/C is kicked on automatically (presumably to have the ability to adjust the cabin to the selected temperature whether that means it needs to be heated OR cooled). If you push the A/C button, the A/C compressor is turned off (which you can see and feel by the engine idle dropping by 100-200 rpm). You can run the HVAC system in "auto" mode without the A/C if desired, but you have to push the button every time. Once you put it into "auto" mode again, the compressor will once again be activated.