: Jasper Verses OEM

12-31-05, 02:09 PM
What are you thoughts on a Jasper engine verse an OEM? My main wondering is if Jasper has done anything to activly eliminate piston slap in these engines.

The kicker is, I can get either engine for similar price. Either from gmpartsdirect, or the local GM dealership that I can get %10 over cost.

I'm mainly worried about piston slap and if the OEM engines will come with the redesigned pistons.

Other pro and cons?


12-31-05, 02:29 PM
Do a search for JASPER. Some one just had a post on it and it was not in Jaspers favor.

01-01-06, 12:58 AM
Is the OEM engine you refer to a new Factory crate unit ?

What kind of warranty on a Jasper N* 4.6 engine?

Just a year ago I was hearing that Jasper did not and would not reman a N* because of lack of availability of bearings and the stripped headbolt threads /gasket issue.

Some one can correct the shortcomings in the wonderful N* , it is technically possible and maybe Jasper now has a heads up on improvements.

Please keep posting and let us all know what you decided?