: N*4.6 vibration problem

12-30-05, 01:47 PM
Have an 03 DTS. It has an engine vibration at 1300-1500 rpm. It does it in neutral or accelerating from a stop. If I'm accelerating from a stop and turning left, it vibrates pretty good from 1500-2000 rpm then goes away as the r's go up. ?????? Does this engine have a counter balancer? Could it be fuel/injector related? Dealer can't find. They replaced a tranny mount thinking it was it, and is still present.

01-07-06, 12:56 PM
Anyone? What could possibly cause a good vibration at a certain engine speed, in neutral? Thinking only thing big enough is haromonic balancer or torque converter?

01-07-06, 08:55 PM
Do you drive through mud a lot? Check the flywheel for caked on mud deposits. That would make it vibrate pretty good...