: Searching for an Eldorado or Biarritz

12-30-05, 05:09 AM
I am writing from the other side of the Pond, more precisely from France (Yes, I am French, AND, still worse, a dentist: nobody is perfect!:wave: )

Seriously now: does someone know where close to NYC ( or reasonably close to, say a 100 miles maximum range) I could buy an Eldorado or a Biarritz, vintage: from 1985 to 1990, preferably mint condition?

I come over to NYC a few times a year and would like to bring back to Europe one of these splendid cars, as I did already a few years ago with a Buick Riviera. Any hint is welcome! "Merci beaucoup" in anticipation!
My e-mail: mt24353@numericable.fr

12-30-05, 08:44 AM
Send out another message when you are close to visiting. We can look up what is available.
Here are three:Ebay Eldorado Search (http://motors.search.ebay.com/?sofindtype=22&sofocus=pf&fisc=c6001&pfid=2473&alist=a39%2Ca41%2Ca38v1y%2Ca38v2y%2Ca10239%2Ca3801 %2Ca85%2Ca10246%2Ca33512%2Ca10241&gcs=13&a39=1936&a41=-24&a38v1y=1985&a38v2y=1990&a10239=-24&satitle=eldorado&fspt=1&sadis=500&fpos=&fsct=5485&fsop=2%26fsoo%3D2&fcl=3&frpp=50)
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