: Proposed SRX 06 Purchase

12-29-05, 08:30 PM
My wife's Escalade was stolen at a nearby shoping mall a few weeks ago. I am trying to sell her on the SRX since she is scared of buying another. She has been looking at the new MB R-350; since I get a supplier discount with GM, I can save with at least 12 thousand by buying a loaded SRX(vice R-350). Question she asked if the SRX comes with Bluetooth? In the opinion of SRX owners how is the ride? She does not want the ride to be stiffer than my CTS-V. Opinions please.

12-29-05, 10:27 PM
No Bluetooth, unfortunately. The ride with the MagniRide option is very luxury sedan-like -- everyone who has ridden in it has commented that they don't feel like they're in an SUV at all. The nice thing about MR is that when you are alone and want spirited driving, it complies very nicely as well -- not CTS-V level, mind you, but really good.

We are in the middle of a 3,500 mile roadtrip, and have found the car to be really nice. The V8 has incredible passing power, even from 80-85 mph (i.e., you are at 85 and need to pass). Lots of space. Navigation system is something we'll never be without. Bose sound system is great. And the third row seats were nice when we had to transport some extra guests to dinner -- the third row is not a place I'd want to be for a long period of time, but it's nice they're there when you need them.

Here's the only downsides I've found (Bluetooth hasn't been a big minus for me):

1) Gas mileage is a little on the poor side. I get 14-15 city, and I wish it were 18-19. (V8 AWD)

2) No heated steering wheel.

3) No heated rear seats -- although we had a shop add these in aftermarket in a very professional manner, so this one has been fixed.

Overall, a great car. You don't see as many on them on the road as other vehicles. Love the styling. Etc.

12-30-05, 01:05 AM
We own a SRX V8 with Magnetic Ride Control option, which makes the ride exceptionally well. I have driven and sit in my friend's X5 many times. Without doubt, the SRX with the MagneRide option rides better than the X5.

Johan Ahlqvist
01-02-06, 06:14 AM
We own a V6 AWD -05 without magnetic ride and it rides perfect to. Better than the MB anyway. I lives in Sweden, here you donīt see many SRX, but one of these US cars that the press realy likes. I have to say it one of the absolut best crossover/SUV on the market, and it looks good to.

01-02-06, 08:24 PM
Oh great! Another 1 post miracle maker with no hometown!

01-02-06, 09:57 PM
Thanks for all the responses; since this post we X-out the BMW(X-5) they are running 10thous discounts on the 05s since there will be a body change mid-year. Still 60 thous with the discount does not justify the means. Volvo XC90AWD-at around 50thous-what a cheap audio system and appointments for that price. Wife did not like the ride. The MB ML series did not have the third seat. Ride was not as good as the SRX. To be honest the SRX was the best value and will probably order one. In Sunny Florida, I will opt out of the panoramic roof,good in Sweden but will cook the interior here.

Given that the company I work for makes the on star,GPS,body control module and so on, I am elgible for the supplier discount. Too bad, we make the bluetooth but its not available.

01-06-06, 07:25 AM
While the SRX does not have bluetooth, the Motorola kit can be installed with either a speaker box, or to work through the car speakers for about 500.00 the dealers have the information, and the footprint of the control is about the size of man's thumb. Can be installed in any car, and it works very well. If your wife is less than 5'6" tall, the 06 is the better choice, due to changes in the stepover. Also, the power liftgate makes it more user-friendly. These are impressions from a woman who is 5'3" tall. Ride quality is more car-like than Escalade. Ask to take one for an overnight test drive, that will give her time to drive it and see how it handles her day to day needs.