: Hello from America's Dairyland

12-29-05, 07:03 PM
Hi, my name is obviously, Dave. I just bought a '98 Deville one week ago. After trying to make sure everything is okay, I am now falling in love with it! I live in Southern Central Wisconsin and love cruising our country roads.

12-29-05, 08:49 PM
:welcome: to the forums. Glad you joined.

12-30-05, 02:06 PM
Welcome Dave!

It doesn't take long after your first ride to fall in love! Tell us about your Deville (color,mi, etc) We like to hear the stories! Good luck!


12-31-05, 08:46 PM
I'm not sure what the color is called. It's a medium charcoal with biege pinstripes and interior. Maybe somebody can help. I bought shadow gray touch up and it was way too dark. I have 106,000 miles. It has a few little bugs but runs like a champ! I'm in love with it!

01-01-06, 01:15 AM
Hidy Ho Neighbor from Darien, WI!


Congrats on the new Deville!!

If you see a 94 tan color Fleetwood Brougham cooking down I43, wave!

01-01-06, 07:59 PM
Welcome, those bugs won't last long in Wisconsin in the wintertime. Enjoy the 98!