: New Head Lights?

12-29-05, 06:27 PM

It has been a while since i had sanded and clearcoated my headlights and now they are once yellow again. si i am thinking i want to buy a new pair. any one know were i can get them? also i would like to do hids any one know a good place? let me know with any info.

12-30-05, 04:20 PM
Which year ???

I just got a set of DEPO projector headlights from a fellow forum member (Caddlovers).
I must say that after some fine tuning and fitting they look great and make the night come alive.

12-31-05, 12:07 AM

sorry i forgot to say 1998.

12-31-05, 01:38 AM
Ive been looking around at HID kits and www.ultrabrightlights.com sells McCulloch HID conversion kits for a good price.

12-31-05, 01:44 AM
Sanding the lens and clear coating it instead of polishing it will not last because the clear coat will yellow faster than the lens. I would rather sand the lens and remove the clear coat and then sand it up to about 2000 grit and then use polishing pad with some polish like 3M's rubbing compound will give you a longer lasting new look. And of course, it will help if you will put some wax and polish the lens by hand once in a while.

12-31-05, 09:41 AM
I do mine 2 ways, depending on how much time I want to spend. I bought some plastic cleaner and it works just like wax. I forgot who makes it but it comes in a small white bottle with blue lettering that says Plastic Cleaner. If you want to know who makes it I'll have to look in my trunk. Like Allenpacla, I buy a few sheets of wet sandpaper and wet sandpaper the heck out of them and then I put a few
coats of wax on them.

12-31-05, 09:43 AM
By the way, has anyone ever got a price on these headlights brand new from Cadillac??

12-31-05, 10:36 AM
I believe their expensive and there is no guarantee that the adjusters won't be broken. I can remember someone from this forum ordered one from the dealer and he had to return them several times just to get a pair that has the adjusters working.

12-31-05, 10:47 AM
I have changed my headlights to a set of aftermarket projector lamps but I have another little trick for cleaning stock headlamps that are yellow and hazed. Try Brasso. 4-5 coats and a little elbow grease. Pulls the oxidation right off. Surprised me acturally

01-01-06, 10:45 PM
NolaBoy, for what year did you get the projector headlights for and how much??

01-03-06, 11:30 AM
My catera is a 99. I think i paid around 250 for the set

01-03-06, 04:23 PM
Where can you buy a set of projector headlights for a 1997? Ive seen some on EBay but there is a 2 to 4 week wait involved. Any place else that sells them that doesnt have a wait?

01-03-06, 05:04 PM
I got mine off ebay. I think i waited about 2 weeks due to the fact they were being shipped from germany. Thats the quickest i have seen though.