: P225/55/R16 or P225/60/R16 for 97 catera

12-29-05, 11:10 AM
What size is recommended for tires for 97 cat?
I had a flat and the spare was a P225/60/R16.

We got a used P225/60/R16, because the didn't have 55 in stock.

My husband is wondering if we should switch to all 60's since the spare was a 60.

Which is better for fuel mileage?

What do you all have on your cats?


12-29-05, 11:29 AM
I have 55's on my '97.

I don't think the 5% in sidewall height will make any difference on the fuel millage. You are better off making sure the tyres are at proper inflation levels.

12-29-05, 11:41 AM
When i needed the new tires i thought about switching to 60s instead of 55s because they are lot cheaper and when i looked at the spare tire it was 60 too but when i looked closly the spare is a 15 inch not 16 inch,and i dont think putting 60/16s would be a good idead i think they will rub against the chasis,if you are able to put 60/16s let everyone know.

12-30-05, 03:48 AM
I put 60s on mine 2 years ago and never had a problem. I had the tires rotated at Walmart and they told me that the tires were very close to the front struts. I used to drive the cat a lot on the weekends and never hit the struts. I think the 60s look better because it fills up the wheel well.