: Oil/water lights stays on after battery charge

12-28-05, 03:23 PM
Decided to charge the battery in my '97 Catera, seeing today was a decent day. I haven't driven the car in about 2 months. Now that I've got it up and running the oil light and water light constantly stays on, although both levels are OK. Also the windows work, but I have to hold the switch down in order for the windows to go all the way down. What happened and what's the cure.

12-28-05, 07:18 PM
for the lights that are staying on i am not to sure but try to unhook the battery then rehook it up and see what happens. then also make sure you turn the key to the run postion but do not start it and leave it there for three minutes then turn the key off then start the car let it run for about a min or two. now to do the windows roll them up and when it hits the top still hold down on the up button for three or five seconds the do the same in the down postion you will have to do this for each window. that is about all of it hope I helped.