: Is 4.0 or 4.1 newest nav disc for'05 SRX?

12-27-05, 01:51 PM
What is the newest version and part # of the nav disc for an '05 SRX??

12-27-05, 03:06 PM
I believe the newest is 5.0. Part #: 15798916

01-20-06, 02:32 AM
I wonder if others are frustrated by the very inadequate job Denso (Nav System Manufacturer) did in preparing and implementing the SRX '05 Navigation software. Always use the whole route function to see where the Nav is taking you. You might be surprised where it takes you. I have version 4.0 on a vehicle that was delivered last March. I have heard that '06 and '07's get a update provided (may be at a price).

I have talked to Cadillac Customer service and they are non-committal on updates for '05's but mentioned an update may be considered with more data by January month-end. The fact that they even have considered such a move is proof enough of the quality problem they recognize with this software.

If you have used the Delco (Delphi?) Nav system in the CTS, you really are pissed. That is a very respectable unit. What possessed Cadillace to change the system which does a terrible job of implementing what should be an intuitive menuing sytem, the very sparse POIs, the radio controls, especially the fleeting XM Radio content titles, etc. etc. The feature on the Delco unit where you can check satellites and look at lat/long/attitude is missing. I could go on.

If you are having the same problems, by all means, contact Cadillace Customer service and get a file going. Be very specific on the deficient programing so their engineers can check it out ( I have no idea on the extent of the bad data) and we can build some ground swell to get them to replace the software (operations will follow software load).

Interested in others comments.

01-20-06, 11:22 AM
There's no perfect system. Having a new Jeep Commander also, I appreciate Cadillac's system more. The Jeep's system (Alpine) has far less detail, is not touch screen, no voice commands, and will not play movie DVD's! you also cannot turn off the radio and still have NAV; you can only mute the radio. (I did get 1 year of free Sirius, though!)

03-04-06, 10:11 PM
We don't use it much, can you explain what the problems that make an update necessary are? This way when I call Caddy I know what to say my problem is. The only thing that we had a problem with was when the streets were close together, and it told you to turn, you sometimes made a turn on the wrong st. It either didn't know that streets were there or it ignored them. You need to watch the screen at the same time, not easy in traffic in an unfamiliar big city (Boston), where people walk in front of moving cars! And even when we upgraded to a newer disc, there were also addresses that it wouldn't let us program in and places that it didn't know.

03-07-06, 10:38 PM
NAV Disk DVD's are updated yearly in the December time frame and available in January. The data base is updated to reflect businesses that have moved and provide the manufacturer with a current address and location as well as information about the business.
You should be able to get the latest updated version from your local dealer or order a new set.....

03-15-06, 05:20 PM
Here's some info....

For a regular model year update, the data cutoff is December. The new disc is available around July and is used for the entire model year. GM only does one disc per model year.

The most current SRX disc ('06my) is p/n 15798916. This disc is shared with the XLR.