: tune up/ radiator

12-27-05, 12:22 PM
Im a new catera owner and Im trying to save some cash by doing it yourself a little bit. Question is what do you guys think should I just pay to have evrything tne d up or do it my self and if so where can i get the best parts for a good price. I definitley need a new radiator so where can i get that and for what price ?

12-28-05, 12:22 AM
I bought mine from a independant Radiator shop. I was quoted $325 for Rad (oem). He was all apologenic for not able to get a aftermarket. "If that was a Camaro it would only be $185 he said." He quoted $80 labor ...I should of asked him to swap the themostat!

No help with tuneup price.

terrible one
12-28-05, 01:20 AM
Do it yourself if you can, always the best route. However, some people can't do it all, and must draw the line somewhere. Do what you can do, ask about what you think you could do with a bit of extra info.