: ASC a good company (sunroofs)? Dad's factory sunroof seal problem.

12-27-05, 01:39 AM
I have a 1988 installed ASC power sunroof on my 87 deville, i just want to know if they are any good, motor problems, etc. I puttin in a custom gucci headliner (with cut to fit board with sunroof hole from 92 fleetwood) in my car in the summer and i don't want to have to take it out if something fcks up. My dad has a P.O.S factory sunroof (works perfect) That leaks like hell, are there replacement seals available anywhere??? I sealed it up with silicone grease for now, but its gotta be fixed permanent. The seals are fcking rediculous on these cars, its like a fcking sponge, and they rip easily, and they glued in too!! What is the point of that visor? that pops up when sunroof open? I took mine off cuz it rattled like hell from subs and got in the way of closing and it makes too much noise when driving @ high speeds.

12-27-05, 02:14 AM
ASC rocks. All of their topless conversions and aftermarket sunrooves are long-lasting and well-built. They did the chop jobs on the Infiniti M30, one of the slickest OEM soft tops with one-touch functionality and an automatic latch.

12-27-05, 10:19 AM
ASC doesn't make aftermarket sunroofs anymore.

The company spun-off it's sunroof division after founder Heinz Prekter (?) took his life.

The new company is now called America Sunroof Inalfa (or ASI), after it merged with Inalfa.