: how many hp ?

12-26-05, 08:18 PM
Sorry if I have a bad English.... :rolleyes:

Im restoring a 1974 ford galaxie 500 that has the 5,8 l , 351 windsor engine
but I dont know how many hp it have, any idea? :confused: Also if I purchase a reconstructed engine how I know how many hp have if the seller doesnt know of what car is it ? Im thinking about a 390 ci who has like 365 hp


12-26-05, 10:27 PM
Trust me I don't doubt that their are plenty of people here that know the answer to your question but if they don't answer you might have better luck at a Ford.com type of forum. Not that you aren't welcomed.

terrible one
12-26-05, 10:29 PM
The power of the engine depends solely on how you build it. And if you purchase a reconstructed engine, dyno it and see what kind of power it makes.

12-26-05, 11:02 PM
Hello Terrible One, everyone doesn't have access to a dyno so if its a simple question I'm sure at least someone has the answer to this question other than the ford guys(no offense intended).

12-27-05, 11:27 PM
In stock form, a guess would be maybe 160-180 horses, maybe 250-280 ft. lbs. But like I said, very rough guess.

12-27-05, 11:42 PM
About 168 with the 2 barrel carb. Now you have many options with this engine. You can purchase a rebuilt short block which is the engine block, crank, pistons, etc. with no heads. Or, you can purchase a long block which includes the heads, cam lifters, basically all of the internal running parts.

You will probably have 9:1 compression at best with either of those options which is good for todays gas. The cam will be stock, you could opt to replace it with a better cam for more performance. Or you could keep things simple and mild by leaving the engine stock and getting a nice torquey 4 barrel intake manifold, carburetor, performance ignition, good headers and dual exhaust all the way back. The car would be a better performer and still be very reliable.

Just a few thoughts.

12-28-05, 06:56 PM
I like your idea Kev..thanks.. :) do you know of some good web page or bussines that sells all the components that you mentioned at good prices, besides summit racing wich is a little expensive ?

12-28-05, 11:09 PM
I would start doing Google searches for the components by name, for example;

Carter AFB (Very nice, dependable, nice performance)
Holley (Good performers but complicated and temperamental)

Intake Manifolds:



You need to form a plan, find out what is available and choose the parts you want, then search for the best deals.

Good luck with it and have fun!

12-28-05, 11:17 PM
Sometimes Summit is a little expensive, but other times the competition doesn't even come close. I've had good luck with Summit (love the free hat), Jegs, and Scoggin Dickey.