View Full Version : throttle body cleaning was the answer

12-24-05, 04:14 PM
finally got the bottom screw off of the MAF sensor so i could clean the throttle body. boy once i opened the butterfly gunk was everywhere behind the butterfly and all around the bore. lol i used a whole can of the carb cleaner. took about to an hour to throughly clean.

i just got back from a test drive and it didnt stall :p which was the reason i was cleaning it to see if that was the problem. looks so far to be it. i replaced the FPR and idle air control valve. and i was still stalling at traffic lights. one big difference i did notice after cleaning the throttle body that when i had my foot on the brake at a traffic light the RPMs were much higher at around 750-800RPM where previously it was around 600-650RPM. so im thinking now that the RPMs are higher it wont stall.

thanks guys, the information you guys supplied was very helpful in diagnosing the problem and instructions on how to clean the throttle body.

12-24-05, 07:05 PM
Clean the TB every spring and it will be much less carboned up, and therefor easier to clean.

Drive it for a while and it will idle learn on it's own I believe. Then the idle will settle down some.

12-25-05, 09:36 AM
Yeah my idle was a lot better after cleaning it. I had to clean it 3 times with valvoline TB cleaner, after 80,000 miles of carbon build up. There was so much junk that its horrible